SHT30 Temperature And Humidity Sensor - Wired Enclosed Shell

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The SHT30-D sensor has an excellent ±2% relative humidity and ±0.5°C accuracy for most uses. Unlike earlier SHT sensors, this sensor has a true I2C interface.

The enclosed box is a Sensiron SHT-30 digital sensor (much like our breakout here or this weather-proof mesh sensor) but with the 4 data/power wires brought out to bare wires. Any SHT-3x code for a microcontroller will work, we are big fans of this sensor. Check out the tutorial for Arduino and CircuitPython/Python, and more!

The 1 meter long cable has four wires: Red = VCC (2.15-5VDC), Black = Ground, Yellow = I2C Clock, White = I2C Data.

Simply connect the red and black wires to your microcontroller or microcomputer power + ground. Connect the yellow wire to SCL, white wire to SDA of your controller's I2C port. There are built in 10K resistors so you don't need external I2C pull-ups.

Compared to the DHT22/AM2302, this sensor is more precise, more accurate, works in a bigger range of temperature/humidity and is less expensive! We strongly recommend using this instead of DHT sensors, they are very annoying to use and this sensor is a true I2C sensor so it is universally supportable.

We have an Adafruit Learning System guide Arduino & CircuitPython code, datasheets and more for SHT3x sensors!

Meer informatie
Artikelnummer 5064
Merk Adafruit
EAN 819619010818
Fabrikantcode MH-DT411
Garantie 2 Jaar
Afmetingen 86 x 41 x 86 mm
Gewicht 258 g
Materiaal Glas
Kleur Wit
Stroomvoorziening Netvoeding / Stroomvoorziening: 85 ~ 260VAC, 50 / 60Hz Met energiemeting
Protocol Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus, 868MHz
Features Overig
  • Glass Touch Panel voor het regelen van het lichtniveau
  • Stijlvolle glazen aanraakschakelaar met twee knoppen en energiemeetfunctie
  • Ondersteunt tweedraads- en driedraadssystemen
  • Stroomvoorziening: 85-260VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Uitgang: 1x 50-200W
  • Draadloze technologie: Z-Wave Plus

Smart home platformen

  • FIBARO Home Center
  • Homey Early & Homey Pro
  • Home Assistant
  • Vera
  • Zipato ZipaTile
  • Z-Way
  • Domoticz
  • HomeSeer
  • Google Assistant
  • Eedomus
  • SmartThings
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